KAG Official Server Rules

Last updated 01/08/2019

By playing on King Arthur's Gold official servers, you agree to obey the rules listed below and incur any penalties given by server admins if your behaviour goes against them in any way. Official Server Admins should refer to this document to ensure they are providing fair, informed outcomes to all in-game situations.

It is the player's responsibility to keep up to date with these rules as they may be modified without notice.

If you see a player breaking any of these rules, you can report them in-game using !r (KAG username) in the chat box, or tagging an admin with @Ingame Server Admin in the Official Discord.

If you believe you have been wrongly punished, you may appeal the ban by posting in the appropriate forum thread:

Penalties given can be classified into three categories:

Reports are dealt with at the admin's discretion. Repeat rule-breakers may incur harsher penalties than those listed under each rule.

Chat-Related Rules

Spam: Defined as any irrelevant or unsolicited message that attempts to flood the in-game chat box. Spamming includes any repetitive phrases, words, or sentences whether by a single person or a group of people with no intent to contribute to current conversations. Spamming is classified as a minor penalty.

Purposeful avoidance of chat filters: The use of symbols such as *, white spaces. or the intentional misspelling of words with the intent to bypass the in-game chat filter.
Similar to spam, continuous avoidance of the chat filter is classified under minor penalties.

Racism/Discrimination: Content that is abusive or discriminatory is not permitted on official servers under any circumstances. This includes material that is racist, derogatory, vulgar, overtly sexual or any material that promotes hatred, discrimination, or prejudice against a religion, ethnic group, race, gender, sexual orientation, or age.
Anything deemed this will be dealt with accordingly with moderate or severe penalties.

Controversial subjects: Anything controversial or offensive will be dealt with accordingly. This includes religion, politics, sexual activity, or historically offensive events. Controversial subjects range between minor and moderate penalties.

Flaming/Harassment: Any messages with the intent to discriminate, degrade or bully a player will be acted upon accordingly. The implications of this depend on the context of the situation as deemed by the player(s) involved or an admin. Flaming or harassment will incur minor to moderate penalties.
It is advised that players ignore, using the in-game function, anyone that is harassing them and contact an admin to deal with the situation.

Impersonation: Impersonation of a player, admin, or member of THD for any reason will be dealt with accordingly, either by minor or moderate penalties.

Gameplay-Related Rules

Griefing: Actions with the intent to hinder your team, such as destroying own-team structures, blocking doors, or spamming shops are not tolerated. The severity of the penalty depends on the extent of the grief, incurring moderate to severe penalties.

Trolling: Much like griefing, any actions with the deliberate intent to hinder your team, such as mass building shops, buying excessive boulders et cetera, incurring minor or moderate penalties.

Teamkilling: Intentionally killing your teammates will result in minor or moderate penalties depending on the situation. The intent of the teamkill is at the discretion of the admin.

Hacking: Any manipulation of the KAG application while playing online by any program to alter the game's behaviour, including modifying working memory, is not tolerated and will be severely punished. With evidence, the player will incur severe penalties.

Exploitation of glitches: The exploitation of bugs, flaws, limitations or weaknesses within the KAG game that are judged to be game breaking, or exploited with the intent of benefiting from these is not tolerated.
You will be given minor ranging to severe penalties depending on the severity/frequency of the exploitation.
If you do find a glitch, report it on Github and do not continue to abuse it in game.

Attempting to crash servers: Actions with the intent of crashing or slowing down an official server are strictly prohibited. If caught attempting this, you will incur moderate to severe penalties depending on the extent of harm (or potential harm).

Miscellaneous Rules

Clan tags: If the clan tag falls under Racism or Discrimination or controversial subjects you will be asked to remove it. Ignoring a request to change your clan tag will result in a minor to moderate penalty.

Nicknames: Any nickname judged to be racist or discriminatory or controversial will result in you being asked to change the nickname. Failure to do so will result in a minor or moderate penalty.
You can change your in-game nickname either by changing your steam nickname or using the console (opened with the HOME button) and using the /cl_name (name) command.

False vote-kicking: Starting a false vote-kick is prohibited. The vote-kick will be cancelled and you will incur a minor penalty. If you have been falsely kicked, contact an admin on the discord server using '@Ingame Server Admin' for assistance.

False reporting: False reporting a player using the in-game !r (name) command or on the Discord will incur a minor penalty. Excessively false reporting will lead to a minor or moderate penalty.

Symbolism: Symbolism which falls under racism or discrimination or is deemed controversial is prohibited. This includes the building of Swastikas or vulgar imagery. Doing so will incur a minor or moderate penalty.
Symbolism may also include the creation of offensive language using blocks, which will result in a minor penalty.

Intentional AFK or non-participation: Intentionally AFKing in-game, especially in a full server, either in a team or in spectator will lead to a kick via anti-AFK timeout or by an admin to free up server slots.
Non-participation such as building art in a competitive mode, or not contributing to your team's efforts (for example 'roleplay' building in a competitive game mode) will lead to a vote-kick or a warning. Failure to comply will lead to a kick in order to open server slots.

Punishment evasion: The use of additonal accounts (alts) or through changing IP or HWID to evade punishments will lead to severe penalties. Any existing punishments may be extended up to double the existing penalty across any accounts owned by the user.

Thank you for taking the time to read the rules!